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The New Hope Collection

New Hope box cover for our New Hope collection.
Custom New Hope pieces. The bridge, mule barge, Benjamin Parry, and Train.
Picture of our New Hope chocolate collection.

A special thank you to The New Hope Historical Society for all of your help!

The New Hope-Lambertville Bridge

This 38% Peruvian milk chocolate ganache is one of the finest milk chocolate varietals in the world.

Pure Peruvian Criollo cacao beans produce fresh, clean flavors of milk and notes of smooth butterscotch.


The New Hope-Lambertville Bridge opened in 1814. It spans 1,050 feet connecting two classic, historic towns. It was built with funds raised by the New Hope Delaware Bridge Company at a cost of $68,000. Originally a covered bridge consisting of six sections, the bridge has been severely damaged and destroyed over the past two centuries, but most of the original pilings are still intact.


Delaware Canal Boats

This 71% cacao is a very rare blend of select Andean Nacional and Caribbean Trinitario beans showcasing the strong cocoa and yellow fruit flavors synonymous with Ecuador. The tasting experience ends with a hint of minty cool spices indigenous to Dominican Republic beans. Caramelized cacao beans are layered for a complex crunch component.


For a century, beginning in 1832, canal boats were powered by mules. In their peak years, more than 2,000 canal boats ran through New Hope each year, carrying coal, lumber and produce from the anthracite region of Pennsylvania and from area farms. In the 20th century mule barges replaced the boats and were popular recreational venues. Today the canal provides recreation for hikers, walkers and bikers along its sixty-mile-long towpath.


Benjamin Parry

62% single origin Peruvian dark chocolate meltaway featuring the highly sought after Peruvian Criollo bean. Our Peru 62% is a light mahogany colored chocolate from the north west part of the country. The profile is fresh and slightly acidic. Blackberry and cherry notes are prominent followed by a hint of citrus and a warm finish of fresh almonds and toasted dry fruits.

After his Hope Mill burned to the ground, Benjamin Parry rebuilt his flour mill and decided to name it the New Hope Mill. The "father of New Hope," Benjamin Parry was the driving force in establishing New Hope as the industrial and manufacturing capitol of Bucks County in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

The New Hope-Ivyland Railroad Train Station

A brown butter gooey caramel with a touch of fleur de sel. Encased in a thin 70% dark chocolate shell.     


Opened in 1891, by the Reading Company the New Hope Train Station at what is now the New Hope-Ivyland Railroad, operated until 1952. At its peak it ran twenty trips, both passenger and freight trains, each day to Philadelphia. After deteriorating for a dozen years, the train station was rescued and restored in 1966 by the New Hope Historical Society and New Hope Borough.



New Hope box top, chocolates, and key card.
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